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The ramblings of a Sexy Geek Chick

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Cherie (CheriePie)
4 November
Okay the below is hopelessly out-of-date again, but will get updated when I find the time. In the meantime, know that you can find me mostly at my book reviews blog, CheriePie Books, and on Facebook.

It's been so long since I've updated this. When I first wrote up my bio here, I had been a camgirl for about a year or so, had recently left the corporate world, and still had no idea when or if my future would take hold in the direction I desired. Well that it did!

I'm now a successful self-employed Information Technology Consultant, providing system administration, network administration, and web development services to a number of clients. I work primarily from home, many of my clients being located on the other side of the country, but I've got local clients now as well, and have been able to get back into a lot of my previous work in LAN and WAN networking from the hardware standpoint, which is a nice complement to all the software, scripting, and system administration roles I've taken on.

So yeah, that girl you see in front of the cam, who seems to sit endlessly at the computer, does actually have a life beyond the cam world. And a pretty damn busy and intellectual one at that!

For awhile there, my webcam site had begun to take on a personna of its own, and for a short time, pulled me in a direction that I decided I no longer wanted to travel. Sure, there are a number of successful adult webmasters out there whose sole source of income and satisfaction involve webmastering their own sites and those of a few amateurs that work for them. But sticking to my goals, and not wanting the webcam site to be my "claim to fame", I struggled to make a name for myself as an independent technology consultant, without the luxury of a weekly paycheck to fall back on, and I'm happy to say, I managed to achieve yet another one of my life's goals! (Yes, these were all written down and committed to memory many, many moons ago. I know what I want out of life and am continually striving to obtain it. I am forever and always traveling the journey of the Fool, as it does through the Tarot.)

But anyway I really wanna be just another camgirl again. Heh, as if... yeah, as if I could ever be "just another" anything. As those who know me might attest to, I am FAR from ordinary, and one of the most uniquely unusual persons you will ever meet. Assuming I want you to know me that is. For no matter how well you may think you know me by reading my thoughts here, remember you are only seeing a glimpse of me, that which I want to display publicly. With that in mind, and using the hints and queues from my writings, you can get a little better idea about me, but don't ever think you'll ever come close to really knowing me, especially if you don't know me in real life, for not even those closest to me in my life can claim that. And thus it becomes a never-ending quest.

So who and what am I then? Or better still... what is it that I wish to be?

For starters, I am Pagan and a Witch. I call myself Witch because I practice Magick... that is one of the widely accepted definitions which defines a Witch. I don't tend to call myself Wiccan as Wiccans hold to a more stringent set of beliefs that I don't necessarily follow. I am happily a solitary eclectic Witch, with strong leanings towards Hinduism, and a large group of Pagan friends with whom I celebrate the Sabbats and whatnot. My decision to not join a coven is by choice, although that may change as I'm able to free up time in my schedule to lend my energy to a group. We shall see...

I am a self-employed technology consultant and small business owner. I went into detail on that above so I won't go into it again here.

I am a "camgirl". I no longer wish to be known as an Internet Amateur or the like. I'm just a girl who has made computers her life, and who has strong exhibitionist tendencies such that she designed an entire site that revolves around people being able to WATCH. That's it, nothing more... I wish to withdraw all promises that you will see this and you will see that. There are no guarantees in life, and there are no guarantees with me. I like to be nekkid, I like good sex, I like kissing and playing with both guys and gals. If you watch my camera enough, you'll see these things. My webcam is about getting to know me as a person. If you just wanna see some coochy, then you've come to the wrong place. If you want to watch the life of a REAL GEEK CHICK then welcome to my life!

I'm an open-minded sexual person, intense and passionate, a free-spirit. I strongly defend and protect the things in my life that mean a lot to me, my S.O. Mike, my beloved bunnies Rudy and Sasia, and my close friends that have been with me through thick and thin. I love football and the Patriots, Tarot and Astrology, herbs and essential oils, computers and programming. I am an oxymoron, oddly unique in every which way. I am truly a blessing indeed!

In addition to ElektriCam, I have two other web sites, Cherie-n-Mike.com, aka SexyGeekChick, and Chantrea's Pagan Page, which is in need of a major face lift but still contains a lot of useful information.

In case you're curious about what my bio said before I rewrote it, you can read that here:

Just another sexy, witchy, exhibitionist geek grrl! My webcams feature both erotic sex shows and lifecam, so you get the best of both worlds. Watch me perform naughty sex acts one minute, then geek to Perl code in the next. *giggle* Come visit me at www.elektricam.com.

In addition to my exibitionist tendencies, I enjoy other spiritual and metaphysical subjects; I am a practicing Pagan and a Witch. Much of my practice is solitary, but I do take part in a number of group rituals several times per year as well, and have a few other Pagan friends. I have a website dedicated to Paganism at www.ChantreasPaganPage.com.

In my spare time (huh what's that?), you might see me playing with my bunny Coco, or see him running around on the floor some nights. I ruv my CocoBuns! :)

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