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The ramblings of a Sexy Geek Chick
Reposted from my Book Reviews Blog:

To all who follow my blog and/or book reviews, I wanted to take the opportunity to fill you in on what's been going on in my life and explain the lack of updates out here in case you weren't already aware.

Over the last year, Mike and I have been prepping and preparing to sell our house here in the Boston suburbs and move out west to the San Jose area of California. Once we get there, we'll definitely be living in a much smaller place—and possibly even living out of our RV for up to six months while we house hunt—so we've been working on a major downsizing by going through all the "stuff" we've accumulated over the past 40 years, deciding what to keep, sell, or just throw away! I can't lug all this crap out there with me. It's time to simplify and lighten the load!

Anyway, over the last six months, this effort has picked up steam and the clearing out process has taken away from much of my reading time. It's no wonder I've only managed to read 10 books so far this year! =:-o

I already have some family out there: my sister, mother, and two nieces, and we investigated neighborhoods and different areas when we were out there previously, doing a few drive-bys and such, though we weren't prepared to make an offer on any place without having sold our house here first.

So, as soon as our house here is sold, Mike, the bunnies, and I are hitting the road in the RV for a cross-country road trip, while the rest of our stuff is shipped out via movers and whatnot. We'll probably take about three weeks to travel from coast to coast, exploring many parts of the country we've never seen before. I'm actually really looking forward to that, and plan to take and share many pictures along the way. Keep an eye out for those... if I don't post them here, I'll definitely mention where they are. You can also follow me on Twitter, or friend me on Facebook, to keep tabs on me. I'm looking forward to the journey and hope you'll join me, at least virtually. ;)

On a side note, all this clean-up has obviously stirred up quite a bit of dust, aggravating the heck out of my allergies, already piqued due to the pollen. With stupid Blue Cross Blue Shield canceling coverage for my prescription allergy medication earlier this year, I've taken the opportunity to try out some all-natural remedies like Oregano Oil and Butterbur while switching my body over to Zyrtec-D. But what a pain in the ass all this is! Because the sale of over-the-counter decongestant is used in the production of crystal meth, it's sale is quantity restricted, and I'm only allowed a two-week supply at a time, presenting my license at the pharmacy in order to even get that! Grrr....

But on the good side, I've been quite happy with the Oregano Oil. It hasn't completely replaced the Zyrtec-D (or the Nasalcrom and Naphcon-A which I also take), but it has supplemented it quite nicely. I haven't had nearly as many migraines as I usually deal with this time of year, especially with all the dust and pollen coming into my system at once. Sometimes I even forget that my 12 hours are up and it's time for another pill, something I never experienced before when I used to start getting stuffy again after about 10 or 11 hours. For the Butterbur, I haven't been taking that long enough to form an opinion one way or the other yet.


WTF is wrong with people in this world today?? What kind of idiot would knowingly give a loaded Uzi to an 8 year old to shoot? *shakes head*

Police Chief, Gun Club Indicted in Boy's Uzi Death

I'm feeling: shocked shocked

Well, it was working for a day, my Inspiron E1705... enough time for me to at least get 3 book packages labeled up and mailed out. Though I only got halfway in the quest to backup the hard disk. :(

See, Mike was able to get me back up and running yesterday with the replacement video card (which began exhibiting the same problems as the original) and also cleaning out more gunk from the fans than I had. He also cooled down the entire system and the chip area on the motherboard around the video card, and removed a stray lead (which he said didn't look like it was touching anything or shorting anything out) from the motherboard. So I was up for just about 24 hours and then it started again. In the middle of working in Windows, the display just went completely blank again. Exact same symptoms as before with the original video card so now I know that's not the source of the problem. Unfortunately, even a full power down won't bring it back up anymore.

We'll have to do more work on it tomorrow. But unfortunately I wasn't able to get a backup from it yet, so all the data I was so happy to finally be able to get at again... bye bye again! Hopefully we can get an external display up and running off it tomorrow. I think we might have better luck using a DVI connection to a newer flat screen display instead of the crappy old 15" CRT I was hooking it up to for my previous testing (which wouldn't run once Windows booted). If I have to send it back to Dell for out-of-warranty repairs, I need to get my data off it first, especially since the hard drive is still good and I can't chance them wiping it.

I'm not sure how much a new LCD screen will cost if it's that. If it's the reed switch problem I read about, that would be cheaper. When I bought this system though--a Dell Inspiron E1705/9400 1.83 GHz Dual Core Processor with 17" widescreen WUXGA Truelife screen--I pretty much maxed it out with all the best equipment so it cost over $3,000 when all was said and done. So even if the display ran me upwards of $500-$800, I'd still be better off than having to buy a new system.

But anyway, all I can say at this point is.... WAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Okay, I'm such a dork.  :P  Even though I've been watching since the Audition rounds, I haven't taken the time to post about American Idol, but I figured now that I found this video of my 2 favorite guys, and 2 of my favorite performances by them, I couldn't help but show them the love.

DAVID COOK & JASON CASTRO have such amazing vocal talent!!  LOVE THEM!!


I'm hearing: Hello by David Cook ;)

As stolen from trekgeekgirl

Which Irish Goddess Are You? (awesome pics)
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As stolen from mustbekel

86 words

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From the Loren & Wally show. LOVE IT!! Even though we're now 18-0, 1 to go! LOL

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You're Lolita!
by Vladimir Nabokov
Considered by most to be depraved and immoral, you are obsessed with sex. What really tantalizes you is that which deviates from societal standards in every way, though you admit that this probably isn't the best and you're not sure what causes this desire. Nonetheless, you've done some pretty nefarious things in your life, and probably gotten caught for them. The names have been changed, but the problems are real. Please stay away from children.
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I really should try to update this more.  I was soooo busy from April onwards, and dealing with so much shit that I barely had time to keep my head on straight let alone write about it.  But here's a few of the more important things:

1.  The hard drive for the web server died so SexyGeekChick is currently offline.  (Yes, this includes ElektriCam too... even though defunct, was still up for viewing archived pics and such.)

2.  Mike and I are preparing to sell the house and move to California.  w00t w00t!  I can't wait to get out of New England.  We already spent 2 weeks in the San Jose area in September doing house hunting, exploring neighborhoods, and all that good stuff.  So come Spring, our house here in Mass. will go on the market, and we'll pack up the kids (the bunnies) and drive to Beverly.  ;)  LOL  Well, we're actually moving to the San Francisco Bay area, which is more northern CA, but I couldn't resist the jingle since we do hope to be able to drive cross country...

3.  I quit smoking (not the all natural stuff ;) on June 11th and have been completely smoke-free since!  GO ME!!

In any case, while Mercury was in Retrograde over the summer, in addition to that being when the server problems started cropping up, I switched ISP's from Comcast to Verizon FiOS.  I am so much happier with Verizon to say the least!  But talk about so many things being in a state of flux at once... I should've known better than to try to travel during that time with everything falling apart around me.  My weekend trip to visit with friends in Columbus turned into a full-day journey from Hell!!  Now I know why some people refuse to connect through JFK!! 

That's about all I have time for now, but seeing as how I've gotten some of the major stuff outta the way, maybe I'll find time to update out here a little more regularly.  Hmmmm... that's assuming anyone still reads me.  :P

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No, I'm NOT responsible for the eBay and Wachovia Bank phishing schemes on my site.  It would appear that someone hacked my gallery and was able to place these files there.  I've removed them, but I'm not sure if I've blocked the exploit completely without further research.  Right now, the writable directories are gone so I hope that means the phishing pages are gone too and aren't gonna turn up in another directory somewhere.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize when I set this site up that it would be a constant struggle to stay on top of all the security issues that crop up for exploits.  Especially since I customized the code of my gallery, I can't just drop patches in without significant modification. 

So for the time being, the gallery's offline.  I'll have to see if I can find backups of the pictures.  But it's not top priority at the moment as I've got too many other things to deal with back here on the home front.  It's really aggravating having these hackers take advantage of an exploit somewhere against lil ole me, just trying to mind my own business and post my pictures on the web to share with friends and family.  Attack the big guys, who can afford full time security people to monitor their network.  I have enough of a time staying up on security with my own local network, and now I have to deal with remote exploits on my web server located down in Florida too?  *sigh*

So to all the messages I've been getting, thank you for the kind ones that are just letting me know.  And to the others comments, that assume this is of my doing and proceed to insult me, well... you can just stick it where the sun don't shine!!

PS - It's possible the spam is still going around even if the directories aren't there anymore, so if you find a current directory that's still hosting one of the scams, please reply to this and let me know.  Matter of fact, I just found that they somehow got into my images directory as well, whereas before I thought it was just my gallery directories...

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